TENDER NOTICE-02/2020-21

Item rate sealed tender are invited for the for provision of necessary temporary tentage for accommodation and temporary lights to be installed in these tentage to the visiting Sikh/ Hindu Yatrees in various Gurdwaras/Mandirs including Wagha Railway Station / Border JCP Lahore during November festival, 2020 (Birthday of Baba Guru Nanak Dev Jee Celebrations).

Sealed bids / offers for the above mentioned arrangements are hereby invited under the PPRA Rules from the General Suppliers / Traders / Firms duly registered with the Income Tax, Sale Tax Department and Punjab Revenue Authority must be appeared on active tax payer list (ATL). Interested firms are requested to submit their application / Profile for issuance of tender.

Sr #.Name of Place Where Arrangements RequiredEarnest Money(Rs.)Tender Fee (Rs.)
1.Wagah Border2% of bidRs.1,000
2.Gurdwaras, School & Colleges etc at Lahore.2% of bidRs.1,000
3.Gurdwaras at Nankana Sahib & Sucha Souda, Fafooqabad etc.2% of bidRs.1,000
4.Gurdwaras at Punja Sahib etc, Hassanadbad.  2% of bid Rs.1,000

Earnest money in the form of Deposit at Call in the name of Secretary, E.T.P Board, Lahore be enclosed along with tender. Tender documents will be issued during working hours up to          03-11-2020 and will be received on 04-11-2020 at 11:00 A.M and will be opened at 11:30 A.M on the samedate in the presence of the intending bidders. The procuring agency (E.T.P Board) reserves the right to reject any / all the tenders before acceptance of tenders as per PPRA rules. (All Earlier tenders published in this regard in printmedia & uploaded on PPRA as well as ETP Board websites may be treated cancelled).

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