Scheme For The Lease Of Evacuee Trust Agricultural Land, 1975

PREAMBLE Whereas it is expedient to amend and revise the Scheme for the grant of lease of evacuee trust agricultural land;

AND WHEREAS the Federal Government has already given its approval to the Scheme, vide letter No. F.18(20)/75-ET & JK, dated 09-05-1975.

NOW, THEREFORE, in pursuance of Section 30 of the Evacuee Trust Properties (Management and Disposal) Act, 1975, the Board is pleased to promulgate the following Scheme:

    1. This Scheme shall be called “Scheme for the Lease of Evacuee Trust Agricultural Land, 1975.
    2. It shall come into force at once.
    3. It extends to the whole of Pakistan.
    • In this Scheme unless there is anything repugnant to the subject or context,
      • “Act” means the Evacuee Trust Properties (Management and Disposal) Act, 1975.
      • “Administrator”, “Deputy Administrator” & “Assistant Administrator” means Administrator, Deputy Administrator and Assistant Administrator appointed under section-12 of the Act.
      • “Board” means the Evacuee Trust Property Board as defined under section-2 of the Act.
      • “Chairman” means the Chairman of the Evacuee Trust Property Board.
      • 3“ Uneconomic land” means a piece of land including   marrian, marghat or massan accepted those which are in use or are alive yielding nominal income which is less than five percent of the value of the land or no income, or the retention of which is not profitable due to its income not being commensurate with the cost of its maintenance or otherwise difficult to manage.”