Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (PSGPC)

The Pakistan Sikh Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee(PSGPC) is a Sikh religious organisation in Pakistan. PSGPC was formed by the Government of Pakistan and is entrusted with the maintenance of Sikh religious institutions, places of worships in Pakistan. Similar to the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (SGPC) in India, this organisation is entrusted with the maintenance of Sikh religious institutions, places of worships (Gurdwaras) and the well-being of Pakistani Sikh community. Its main office is situated in Gurdwara Dua Sahib Lahore.

Functions of PSGPC:
  • To Supervise and exercise control over the arrangement for Langar (Purchase of raw material, cooking and distribution to Yatrees) on each function;
  • To make fool proof arrangements for receipt of donations and its deposit into the committee’s account, it shall be jointly operated by both the convener and president of the committee;
  • To Suggest measures for proper maintenance preservations and renovation of the Gurdwaras and the ensure their sanctity according to Sikh traditions and faith. Voluntary service of Sikh tradesmen or labour shall be welcomed on Gratis basis;
  • To suggest measures for extending facilities including medical aid and civic amenities to Sikh Yatrees and to make their journey and stay within Pakistan as comfortable as possible;
  • To Make Necessary arrangements for reception and farewell to Sikh Yatrees in each religious occasion;
  • To make necessary arrangements for the observance of religious rites including AKHAND path and BHOG ceremony;
  • To appoint such sub-committees and the entrust such responsibilities to them, as may in the committee lead to its more efficient and effective working;
  • To take all initiatives as it may consider necessary or desirable for the efficient and effective maintenance and proper observance of religious rites in different functions or activities inside the Gurdwaras;
  • To make arrangement for any publication and Magazine;
  • To setup small Library and Museum within the Gurdwara premises;
  • To arrange Pinni Parshad for the Yatrees;
  • To maintain donation record and collection/counting of donations from the Golak placed at all the Gurdwaras;
  • To look after all the religious rituals during the festivals;
  • To assist Shrine Branch on the issues related to Sikhs.

Members of  Main Commitee:

    1. Satwant Singh, (President)
    2. Ameer Singh,    (General Secretary)
    3. Ravinder Singh
    4. Inderjeet Singh
    5. Dr. Mimpal Singh
    6. Baba Harmeet Singh
    7. Sarbat Singh
    8. Dr. Sagar Jeet Singh
    9. Sardar Vikash Singh Khalsa
    10. Sardar Sagar Singh