TENDER NOTICE-01/2020-21

Percentage rate / item rate sealed tenders are invited for the following work from reputed firms/contractors having PEC valid registration or approved contractor of ETP Board with valid registration for the current year, in the relevant categories. Interested firms are requested to submit their application for issuance of tender.

Sr #.Name of WorkEstimated Cost (Rs.)Earnest Money(Rs.)Tender Fee (Rs.)Time Limit
1Annual Repair to Block 01 in Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.Rs.4,16,800/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
2Annual Repair to Block 02 in Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.Rs.4,31,000/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
3Annual Repair to Block 03 in Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.Rs.3,48,000/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
4Annual Repair to Newly Constructed Sarai Block (Verandah & Weather Shield) in Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.Rs.4,96,000/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
5Annual Repair to Sarai Block Old Portion, 50 Rooms & 02 Lavatory Blocks in New Sarai Block, in Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.Rs.3,81,500/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
6Annual Repair to Newly Constructed Sarai Block 72 Rooms 1st Floor in Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.Rs.4,18,500/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
7Annual Repair to Bara Dari Shaheedi Marri Such Khand Main Gate in Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.Rs.3,10,500/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
8Annual Repair to Verandhas Around Darbar Sahib and Hall Rooms on West Side in Main Building Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.Rs.3,16,700/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
9Annual Repair to Lavatory Block Near Langer Hall, Complaint Office and Jangla Around Main Grossy Plot in Main Building Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.Rs.1,83,500/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
10Annual Repair to Lavatory Block Near Block No.03 & Lavatory Block Near Block No.01 in Main Building Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.Rs.4,50,500/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
11Annual Repair to Block No 04 (Rooms And Deori No 02) in Main Building Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.. (2020-21)Rs.3,24,000/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
12Annual Repair to Verandas and Front side Weather side Around Surover (Pound) in Gurdwara Janaasthan, Nankana Sahib.Rs.99,500/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
13Annual Repair to Indian Block in Gurdwara Tamboo Sahib, at Nankana Sahib.Rs.8,08,000/-2% of bidRs.150020 Days
14Annual Repair to Gurdwara 5th & 6th Badshahi, Gurdwara Putty Sahib, Gurdwara Malji Sahib, Nehanga Sahib, Kiara Sahib And Gurdwara Balila Sahib, Nankana Sahib.Rs.4,09,300/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days
15Annual Repair to Gurdwara Sucha Sauda Farooqabad (Including Main Gate).Rs.4,73,000/-2% of bidRs.100020 Days

Earnest money in the form of Deposit at Call in the name of Secretary, E.T.P Board, Lahore be enclosed along with tender. Tender documents will be issued during working hours up to 19-10-2020 and will be received on  20-10-2020 at 11:00 A.M and will be opened at 11:30 A.M on the samedate in the presence of the intending bidders. The procuring agency reserves the right to reject any / all the tenders before acceptance of tenders as per PPRA rules.

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Evacuee Trust Property Board

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