*Baisakhi Festival 2021*

*Baisakhi Festival 2021
On 14 April 2021, Baisakhi festival was celebrated by Sikh community at Gurdwara Panja Sahib, Hassanabdal. A Jatha of 818 Indian Sikh Yatrees arrived also participated in the Baisakhi festival. Indian Jatha of Sikh yatrees arrived Pakistan via JCP Wagha on 12 April 2021 to participate in Baisakhi Festival.
ETPB and PSGPC made all the arrangements for traveling, accomodation, langer, security and medical assistance to make their stay comfortable. Yatrees will visit different Gurdwaras including one night stay at Kartarpur for the 1st time from 12- 21 April and on 22 April they will depart for India via JCP Wahga after completion of their yatra.
*Pakistan Govt specailly relaxed the COVID-19 restrictions for Sikh yatrees to send a msg of Pakistan’s love and effection with their Sikh brethren across the world*