Advertisement Auction of ETPB Property situated at Dist.Kasur

ETPB Advertisement Kasur

Evacuee Trust Property Board


                                       OPEN AUCTION ADVERTISEMENT FOR

                               30-YEARS LEASE / DEVELOPMENT PROJECT OF

                                                EVACUEE TRUST PROPERTIES

Evacuee Trust Property Board, Government of Pakistan intends to lease out its following Evacuee Trust Property through open auction under Section 18-C of the Evacuee Trust Property Scheme, 1977, for Commercial purposes for a period of 30 years (extendable).

Open Auction Schedule:-

Date of Open Auction:   10.02.2022

Venue:  Office of the Assistant Administrator, Evacuee Trust Property, Near Bhatta Chowk Gorian Wala, College Road, Kasur.

Note:     In case of no bid / low bid on the above mentioned date alternate dates shall be 24.02.2022, 10.03.2022 and 24.03.2022.

Detail of Properties:-

Sr. No. Property Khasra No. Area Location Monthly Rent after completion of project Provisional Monthly Rent till the completion of Development Project Non Re-fundable Security NRS
K M Sqft
1 B-IV-9-R-150 03 10 185 Railway Road Kasur Ground Floor Rs. 6/- Rs. 30,000/- Rs. 3,48,29,076/-
1st floor Rs. 4/-
2nd floor Rs. 3/-
3rd floor & other Rs. 2/-




  1. Each and every sane Pakistani can participate in the open auction except defaulter of this Department and Govt. servant.
  2. The subject property is under illegal possession of Town Committee the successful bidder shall be responsible to vacate / retrieve the subject property from illegal occupant.
  3. The interested persons/parties desirous to participate in the open auction should submit a draft of 10% of reserved/settled Non Returnable Security in the name of Assistant Administrator, Evacuee Trust Property, Kasur, on the spot on the day of auction which shall be returned to all depositors after the open auction except successful bidder.
  4. First stage of open auction will be for Non-refundable Security and second stage will be for minimum rent regarding development project.
  5. Successful bidder will be determined on the basis of highest offer of Non-refundable Security and Monthly rent.
  6. Every participant of the open auction will submit a certificate on plain paper that he is neither a Govt. employee no a defaulter of this department.
  7. Result of open auction proceedings will be placed before the competent authority for approval, which decision will be final.
  8. The successful bidder will be bound to deposit 10% of his offered Non-refundable Security within two days at the end of open auction. In case of nonpayment the 10% amount already deposited as Bank Draft will be forfeited in favor of Government and open auction proceedings will be conducted on next stipulated date.
  9. Successful bidder will be bound to deposit remaining amount of security within ten days after acceptance of competent authority. In case of nonpayment total deposited will be forfeited in favour of Government.
  10. The auction committee will reserves the right to accept or reject any bid, or postpone the auction without assigning any reason.
  11. Further information can be had from the undersigned during office hours.
                        (Assistant Administrator, Evacuee Trust Property, Bhatta Chowk                                                 Gorian Wala, College Road, Kasur)

                                                          PH: 049-9250186